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Friday, August 22, 2014
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Strong Kids Campaign

2014 YMCA Strong Kids Month
in Prince George

February 15 - March 15, 2014

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The Fourth Annual Strong Kids Campaign kicks off with the official launch at Massey Drive on Monday, February 17!

The YMCA is a leading Canadian charity and proceeds from this campaign stay in Prince George.

Our goal this year is to raise $19,640 to send local underprivileged children to Camp Kanannaq and the Aurora Leadership Program (we were incorporated in 1964 - fifty years ago!)

The famous Bird Feeder Silent Auction returns and other activities will be announced soon.  Check back to learn more or follow us on Facebook!


Your donation makes a difference for local kids...

"Thank you for supporting the YMCA Aurora program...it makes you take responsibility but teaches you how to be a great camper....

"Thank you for the best camp ever!  We went on canoe trips, we went on hikes and we were role models to the little kids..."

"Thank you to the YMCA Sponsors.  If it was not for you I would be at home doing nothing.  I got to learn new things but most of all I got to see the other side of me."


Strong Kids Challenge

Seven committed individuals have volunteered for the Second Annual Strong Kids Challenge participating in a variety of YMCA events such as fitness classes and volunteering while collecting points and raising funds.

Their goal is to raise $1,964 each (in keeping with our 50th anniversary theme!)


2014 Challengers - Results so far!

Selen Alpay Defending Champion Due to knee surgery, did not compete... promises to be back in full form in 2015  Still Raised: $1,964
Malcom Dunn  2013 Second Place TBC TBC
Rob Traxler YMCA Board Member 100 Points (Rob was away) Raised: $2325
Bruce Siddall YMCA Fitness Volunteer 495 Points Raised: $440
Amanda Alexander YMCA CEO 630 Points Raised: $1600
Tab Baker YMCA Member 360 Points Raised: TBC
Stephanie Mikalishen YMCA Camp Coordinator 1465 Points Raised: $875


Grand total of $7,200 so far! We hope that everyone returns in 2015!


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